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Attn: Indie Dyers !

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Published by in Indie Dyers · 29 June 2015
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NKK has the equipment that you need for winding and measuring your yarn. Unless you purchase industrial grade equipment (expensive, large and very heavy) then we are your next best choice. We are a fraction of the price of the industrial equipment that is available. Yet, we can fill your equipment needs from the beginning of your operation up to the time that you require super high volumes of skeins/balls.

There are few other manufacturers of commercial grade skein-winders and swifts but you can count them on one hand. None of them have the broad product offering that we do, however.

We love to help dyers configue their systems. We have the following system options/features:

  • Table top or Floor mounted winders
  • Manual or motorized winders
  • Meterized or non-meterized winders
  • Special cone holders
  • Cones
  • Cone Winders
  • Ball Winders  
  • Short leadtimes and fast delivery
  • Special discounts for indie dyers
  • 7 day support by phone/email

Give us a call at 800-731-5648 or send us an email

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