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New Online Shop!

Nancy's Knit Knacks Official Website
Published by in NKK News · 5 November 2017
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Please visit our new online shop. It is much improved over our earlier shop and we hope that you will agree.
As a customer you will receive tracking info for your order and can log in to check the status on previously placed orders.

When ordering you will now see a picture of the item you are ordering which will reduce errors especially on spare parts like belts and o-rings.

Plus, overall, it just has a much more modern feel to the buying experience.
It can be easily used on a mobile device as well.

You can also enter ratings for the products and review the ratings of others.

Wholesale and Professional buyers can clearly see the reduced prices that they will pay as they look around the site. They must first be properly categorized by NKK, however. If you are a new wholesale or professional courtesy customer for NKK, then please visit either the Wholesale or Professional pages which will explain what is required.

We will also be making revisions to our web pages in the future. The web pages are useful for reviewing more detailed information about the items you are purchasing.

Please let us know what you both like and dislike about the new shop. We appreciate the feedback!

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