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Wow - orders have gone thru the roof so far this week!

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Published by in NKK News · 23 November 2017
Tags: saleblackfridayballwinder
We started our Black Friday Sale on Wednesday and we have been inundated with orders ever since! Although we have received orders on many items so far, by far and away the most poular item has been the Heavy Duty Ball Winder.

I need to to get our production team working extra as a result of this higher than expected order rate! This is a good problem to have, however.

Tomorrow is the official Black Friday Sale, so if you have not ordered a ball winder yet, then go ahead and order one. We will take all orders thru Saturday for most items (some end Friday night). We may have to extend the shipment date for some of the orders into the week after next, though.

Thanks to everyone who has already placed an order and we encourage the rest to order as early as possible to ensure your position in the order queue.

Thank you!

Bob Shroyer
CWO (chief winding officer)

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