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Welcome to my antique furniture page!
I am selling the following furniture. With the exception of the bookshelf, I grew up with this furniture which my parents purchased during the 1940's and 1950's. I have just reduced my prices as noted in the table.

Most of the pieces are made by Cushman, which was a well-known Vermont furniture manufacturer. They made pieces from Rock Hard Maple and Birch hardwoods. They always marked their pieces with a metal plate which are on these pieces. I even have the paper label that was in the Chest on Chest. I am the original owner and user of that beautiful chest. The piece is in good condition. The top, which is 55" tall, needs to be touched up slightly, but it is in good condition.  

Cushman was an American furniture manufacturer that was famous back in the day as well as today. Their furniture lasts forever.

The Dining Buffet & Hutch was professionally refinished in the 1990's after we moved to North Carolina. It is a beautiful piece. It is actually 2 pieces that have connector plates on the back.

We bought the Bookshelf while here in NC. It is in very good condition

The Server is solid Mahogany and was made by the Georgetown Galleries, another famous manufacturer that went out of business in the 1950's -1960's. It can either be placed against a wall which a tall 48" high backdrop or this section can be layed flat. Condition is Good but it need some refinishing.

Sadly, both of these fine American companies went out of business for fiancial reasons following their respective heydays. But their furniture lives on today and you can own some of it.

If interested in owning fine quality antique American furniture, please call me and we can schedule a showing. I live in Cambridge off Penny Rd.

OUCH! These prices are killing me!
Excellent, Maple
Dining Buffet
& Hutch
Buffet 39W, 33H, 18D
Hutch 38W, 33H, 9D
Good, Maple
Chest on Chest
35W, 55H, 20D
Very Good, Maple
34W, 32H, 9D
All 3 Cushmans
Save 21%
The Georgetown Galleries - Good
Mahogany, some scratches
36W, 31H, 18D
48H extended
This Buffet table can be used in 3 different ways: with 1/2 of the table standing up and leaning against the wall, both layers of the table laying on top of each other (18" x 36"), or the table spread out fully forming a medium sized table measuring 36" x 36"! Creativity and quality from the 1940's
Will be offering a Pennsylvania House
Bedroom Set soon plus other goodies including:
2 office desks, love seat and a Super Large Recliner for big guys that don't want a wimpy recliner
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