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We sell our products to three customer groups as listed on the right.

In addition to selling to Wholesale and Professional customers Worldwide, we also sell directly to the retail market. We offer such a wide range of specialized products for fiber artists that virtually none of our resellers offers the complete product line. Therefore, in order to get our products to market, we find that we must sell to all customer segments.

Retail Customers
We sell our products to retail customers (end users). Retail customers should check with their LYS to see if they can purchase our items from them as well but if your LYS does not carry our products, have them contact us and we can explain to them what the requirements are for opening a new account.

When retail customers register in our shopping cart, they do not have to enter any special registration code. Also, when shopping in our Store, retail customers can simply shop as a "Guest" and thereby avoid the registration process altogether. Registering makes it easier the next time you shop by retaining information in our system about you.
Customer TypeCan purchase from
1. NKK online or phone
2. Retails shops
3. Catalog/internet Co
4. Amazon
Professional Courtesy

Direct from NKK online or phone
Direct from NKK online or phone
Notes for above Table

  • Note 1: Professional Courtesy customers must meet the requirements on the left side of this page.
  • Note 2: Wholesale customers must meet the requirements on the left side of this page.
  • Notes 3 and 4 - Government customers must provide some proof that they are part of a local, state, or Federal government organization. Educational customers must do the same by supplying information about their affiliation with an educational institution. In all cases, the equipment being purchased must be part of an approved project or activity for that organization that involves working with yarn. 

For all customers receiving Professional Courtesy pricing, if the customer spends over $1,250 at Professional Courtesy prices, then NKK may reduce the price for that order to wholesale price levels. This offer only applies to the initial order and orders cannot be accumulated over time in order to reach the $1,250 minimum.

Educational and Government Purchasers
You are entitled to our Professiaonlo Courtesy poricing. If you spend over $1,250 on your initial order, we are happy to extend to you our Wholesale Pricing. Please contact us for more information.
Professional Courtesy and Wholesale customers

Please visit the Wholesale Section where you can find out how to open an account
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