NOTICE - This product has been discontinued as of 3/14/2012

An electronic 4 digit row counter that adds and subtracts

Another innovative solution
for fiber artists
from Nancy's Knit Knacks

An electronic row counter that can add and subtract rows. This unit is sturdy, small, and lightweight. It is designed to be hung around the user's neck. When wearing the counter, the unit is oriented properly for the user to read it as it hangs from the lanyard.



The unit will retain the counted number as long as it remains on which it can do for months. Otherwise, you simply turn it off and it will be ready for your next counting assignment starting from zero.

  •  Has a reset/on-off button.   
  •  Weighs just one ounce, a real lightweight.
  •  Unit is: 2-3/8" high x 1-1/4" wide
  •  4 Digit LCD display counts to 9999.
  •  Includes a strong ribbon lanyard and is designed to hang around the  user's neck.
  •  Includes a long life battery (7-8 months of use with no beep, shorter with beep) which is replaceable.
  •  Has an audible "beep" which confirms that you added or subtracted an entry. This feature may be easily turned off.

Save the small box that the counter comes packaged in to store the unit. If you want to save the "count" for a project, the box will keep the unit from being accidentally triggered while the unit is in your knitting bag, etc. Note: this is simply a precaution as we have not experienced any problems with accidental triggering.

Without question, this counter brings the function of counting rows into the 21st Century. Every knitter will need the Row Counter by NKK! 

The unit comes packaged with complete instructions for use and battery changing.

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As of March 14, 2012, the Row Counter has been discontinued and is

no longer available from NKK


Note: The Row Counter Plus is no longer available.


Features Standard Electronic Row Counter Row Counter Plus
Weight 1 ounce 1.5 ounces
Size W x H x D 1.35 x 2.35 x .5" 2 x 3 x .75"
Lanyard Yes 18" Yes 19"
Removable Lanyard No Yes
Lanyard fabric  thickness/width .01" (1/2") .02" (3/8")
# of Counters 1 3
# of digits per counter 4 4
Beep Tone Yes Yes
Turn off beep Yes Yes
Power button Yes No
User replace-able battery Yes (door) Yes (open case with screwdriver)
Min Battery life 7-8 months 12 months
Total # of buttons 3 4
Add & subtract Yes Yes
Reset to 0 Yes Yes
Price $19.99 $35.00
Date launched Dec 2004 Dec 2005

Note: the Electronic Row Counter is made in China for Nancy's Knit Knacks. The Row Counter Plus is made in Singapore.

Battery Replacement Information and Changing Procedure

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Battery Replacement Information and Changing Procedure