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Nancy's Knir Knacks is pleased to offer special discounts to fiber arts related instructors and teachers. We want to assist instructors as much as possible in teaching others how to knit, crochet, spin, and weave, etc. If you teach a different type of fiber arts category, then that may be covered as well. Send us the category that you teach if not listed here and we can answer it.

Instructos can shop under our Professional Courtsy program.

Under this program, teachers and fiber arts intructors who qualify are eligible to receive a discount off of the following items and equipment that we sell:

  • Ball Winders
  • Swifts
  • Skein-winders
  • Motorized versions of the above
  • Electronic Yarn Meters
  • Pet Series of cone and ball holders
  • Lazy Kates
  • Niddy Noddies

In addition, since we want to encourage instructors to have their students use our great tools which will help them learn faster, they are able to receive similar percentage discounts off of our smaller tools for the purpose of selling them to their students. This creates a three-way benefit:

  • The teacher is able to supplement their income from teaching thru the sale of tools to their students
  • The student is able to get tools that will help them in their new craft.
  • NKK sells additional tools to users who will directly benefit from their use.


Teachers must provide some evidence that they are an active teacher in order to earn the Pro discount.

  • Sales Tax ID for their state (if available)
  • The teacher's own Lesson Plan for at least one course
  • List of venues where the teacher actually teaches
  • Website which lists the teacher and that they offer classes.

The point is to provide some information so that we can verify that the teacher is, indeed, an active instructor in the fiber arts. Teachers in non-fiberarts related courses will not qualify for a discount.

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