Knit Light


As of 9/29/2011, this product has been discontinued and is no longer available


Spotlight your knitting!

Nancy's Knit Knacks is pleased to announce the introduction of a light for knitting in the dark

Knit Light™ does not disturb others. Provides a bright light in a targeted zone where your knitting is. Can be used by a passenger in a car and even in a movie theatre.

Lanyard allows you to adjust the height (and therefore, the zone of light).
It also securely holds the light.


Available in the following colors:

Black    Red/Burgundy    Dark Blue


   Red/Burgundy            Navy Blue 

  Since we have three different colors available (and sometimes they are not all in stock at the same moment) please make a first and second choice when ordering in case your preferred color is out of stock.

Bonus! We now include a special lanyard for holding your knit light at the right position above your knitting. The length of the lanyard can be adjusted. The pocket clip is no longer reversable and we recommend that all knitters use the new lanyard.

New lanyard - color: Black only

Note: Customers who own the previous non-reversable pocket clip version of the Knit Light should contact us for a special offer.





3" flexible neck
6" in length
Includes a laser pointer

Includes 3 cell batteries. Additional batteries are available from NKK at a very reasonable price. Replacement battery packs are sold in sets of 6 for $5.00. You may pay $3 to $5 per battery in a drug store. We recommend ordering a pack of batteries when ordering the Knit Light™.

Knit Light™ attaches to our new lanyard (included) which you wear around your neck. Users may also use the pocket clip to attach the Knit Light to their pocket, placket or other clothing item. Clip is no longer reversable, however, and users should not attempt to reverse it or the light can be scratched or damaged (prior to our lanyard being introduced, the pocket clip was reversable and users were encouraged to change its position).

Knit Light Comes packaged in a special edition DP Needle Tube™ for protection. The tube can also be used to hold your DP needles instead of the Knit Light™.

Why purchase different sets of needles which only provide light at their tips when you can have a 3 - 5 inch circle of light around your knitting?

The unit has a 3 inch flexible neck which can be directed toward your knitting or other area that needs light.

The batteries regenerate themselves if they are turned off. We also sell battery replacement kits at prices far less than what you can buy them for in drug stores.

When we demonstrated the Knit Light™ to LYS owners at the TNNA wholesale show in June 2008, they immediately placed orders for them. It was the opinion of many of them that this type of lighting solution was more convenient, less noticeable, and more cost effective that any of the others that are currently on the market.

With our Knit Light™, you can use your existing needles. You do not need to purchase new needles and you can use any size that you would normally knit with.

Other features of Knit Light™:

  • The unit has a magnetic base which allows the user to prop the light onto a metal surface (don't allow the auto mechanic in your house get their hands on it!)

  • The unit has a powerful built-in red laser pointer. Good for meetings or for other unusual requirements. (Don't allow children play with it) Use of the laser will use battery power at a faster rate than just the light.

  • Use the light to see menus in a dark restaurant, or open your front door in the dark.

  • We know that you will come up with many other uses, because after all, it is a real flashlight.

  • The unit is a quality constructed product. You will be impressed with its quality components and usefulness.

  • The sleek unit is extremely compact.

  • It comes packaged in one of our DP Needle Tubes for safe storage and to prevent the on button from being accidentally activated.

  • The Knit Light™ is priced right at just $11.99 MSRP.

If the user prefers to hang the Knit Light™ from a lanyard or other cord, then the shirt clip can be positioned to allow them to string a lanyard through the clip for that purpose.

Note: If your light does not come on after removing the small "Remove before use" paper tab upon first use, then unscrew the battery cap, remove the 3 batteries and then re-insert and push the on button.

Note: users who have a need for the high power of a normal household electrical lamp in order to see properly may find that the Knit Light™ will not be adequate for their needs.

Battery sizes: LR44, A76, AG13, PX76A or equivalents.

If you have any questions about the Knit Light™, then please email us 


Knit Light problems

If your light does not light up upon removing the paper tab, please do not automatically assume that the batteries are dead. Please remove the battery cap at the end opposite of the light and remove all three batteries. Then re-insert them in the same order (+ sign facing up toward you). Re-screw the battery cap back on and test the light. If that does not work, slightly unscrew the battery cap but do not remove it and see if the light comes on while unscrewing the cap. If none of these fixes work, then the batteries may be dead or the light may be defective. If so, send us an email and explain your situation and we will send you a new light. You will need to disclose where and when you bought the light and we may request that it be returned.


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