Learn to Spin Kit

Our Learn to Spin kit is one of the very first to offer quality components and a 30 minute DVD at such a low price. Nancy personally designed this kit for beginners. Each one of our kit components was selected based on its ease of use for a beginning spinner.


          Our Learn to Spin Kit:

  • Is made from birch hardwood components which have an oil finish applied
  • Measures 11" in length (3/8" diameter) with a 2.75" diameter top whorl.
  • The whorl has 2 notches (one on each side opposite of the hook)
  • The hook is made from a custom designed wire which will not bend or twist. Its special shape helps ensure that the spindle will spin properly. 
  • The total weight is approximately 45 grams which is within the ideal weight range for a beginning spinner (not too light or too heavy)
  • The fiber is made by Ashland Bay Trading Company of the USA. It is their multi-colored Colonial fiber which is an ideal fiber for beginners.
  • The 32 minute DVD video (see sample below) will play in any DVD player. It was produced by Nancy's Knit Knacks especially for this kit. It features Nancy Shroyer as the instructor who leads the student through a complete training session on how to spin using a drop spindle.


The kit comes complete in its own plastic clamshell plastic container.

This is a great kit. You would normally have to pay $20-25 for just the Drop Spindle alone. At this price, it is like getting the DVD and fiber for free!

Nancy is a nationally recognized fiber arts instructor. She will easily teach you how to spin. 

Video Sample of Learn to Spin DVD

Buy a Learn to Spin Kit for $34.99




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