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We are located in and ship from Cary, North Carolina 27518 USA.

In order to accurately calculate shipping costs, we need three pieces of information:
  • Total weight of items being ordered
  • Destination address
  • Method of shipment

So if you wonder why we don't have a table showing costs for shipping, it is because you as the buyer must first answer those three questions when ordering. Then and only then can our system calculate the charges. It is an extremely accurate method.

NKK uses FedEx as its primary shipping company. For shipments that weigh 3 Lbs or more, we ship FedEx Ground and Home Delivery for domestic US shipments. For international shipments, if FedEx is selected by the customer or if the shipment is large or has a large dollar value, we use FedEx Express Economy. FedEx provides superior service and excellent tracking. USPS Postal is less expensive in some cases, but not in all cases. We do not recommend using postal for large shipments or for high value orders.

FedEx - We get great rates from Fedex because we ship so much, especially internationally. So do not be alarmed if we are shipping your order via FedEx. This is especially true for shipments to Canada. Ground to Canada actually costs more than by Air (Express) when you consider FedEx brokerage fees. Brokerage fees to Canada can be high for ground ($20-25) whereas these fees are included in the Express (air) rates. 

USPS charges a flat amount for Brokerage fees for postal shipments to Canada (~$8) but shipments take longer and have poor tracking. Postal is fine for small or small value shipments to Canada. We do not pay brokerage fees on behalf of the customer so you would be responsible for those types of fees including customs duties if levied by your government.

For shipments of 3 Lbs or more, we use FedEx as follows:

  For all domestic USA BUSINESS shipments (except Hawaii and Alaska)

For all USA RESIDENTIAL shipments (except Hawaii and Alaska)
For All International shipments (Economy and Priroity)

For Shipment 2 Lbs or less we typically use USPS:

  If the items weighs less than 13 ounces, it ships 1st Class. If it weighs more, it ships Priority.
USPS tracking is not always that good. It most cases, you only know when it arrives when it actually arrives and in between shipping and arrival, there is very limited data available. We do not like shipping expensive systems or large international orders using USPS for that reason plus it is much slower than FedEx. So on the surfae what appoears to be less expensive freight cost, ends up taking loinger and the tracking is poor.

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