Heavy Duty Swift & Skeinwinder™ (HDSS)
Commercial grade swift and skein-winder system for yarn shop use,
professionals, and for other discriminating fiber artists

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The photos you will view throughout the Swift and Skein-winder pages do not show the new Flexi-Skeiner™ system installed but please be assured that all new shipments from 5/20/13 onward have this new system installed.

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Swift    Swift Side   Floor and table top    Yarn Guide
Flexi-Skeiner Flexi-Skeiner system
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Note: Certain features are not installed on some of these pictures including yarn guides, yarn shields, table clamps, and yardage markers.

The small counter that you see above has been discontinued on the Skein-winder. The Skein-winder now only comes with our very own Electronic Rotation Counter (ERC).

*These are pictures of the the new counter holder

Notice - Swifts do not include the ERC, but the Skein-winder does (this is the main difference between the two units)


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4 Yarder information


The following versions all are based on the same unit:

1. Basic Swift - Table Top, no counter or counter holder
2. Skeinwinder - Table Top, includes Electronic Rotation Counter™ and counter holder, Yarn Guide - table mount, 10 ft. fiberglass tape.
3. Option: Floor Stand, can be used with all versions
4. Option: Motor option - can be used with any version
5. Option: Electronic Rotation Counter, adds the advanced technology Electronic Rotation  Counter which is based on our Electronic Yarn Meter (EYM) platform, counter holder counter holder, and magnetic switch. This is a Swift upgrade.

All versions include the same swift unit.

All versions include a handle.

The features that make them different are in the counter.


The HDSS has the following features:

  • Vertical orientation - easier to load and unload yarn, requires less horizontal space. The base measures just 8-1/2" x 8-1/2"
  • Table top and optional Floor Stand (the top section is easily removed from the table "socket" and inserted/locked into the floor stand). One skeiner with two mounting methods. 
  • Up to 2 yards/meters skein capacity (27 - 80 inches). Easy to read guides at 1, 1.5, and 2 yards/meters.
  • Manual and optional motorized operation. Motorized option is available now and can be used on either table top or floor stand. All units can be motorized at any time.
  • Swift and Skein Winder in a single unit.
  • All units include our Ergo handle.
  • Can be mounted within 360 degree orientation on table top. Our unit can be mounted to access any location on the table top.
  • Has unique 45 degree angle rotational feature. This allows the user to mount the unit on the table and turn it so that it can point toward any location within 360 degrees. This is the first time that this has ever been accomplished on a vertical swift which can have limited mobility for adjustment.
  • Heavy duty skein size adjustment guides that will never wear out and are smooth operating. Made from aluminum with a non-marring adjustment mechanism.
  • Hardwood and aluminum construction for low weight and high strength.
  • High tech German bearings that are better than ball bearings. If ever necessary, they are easily replaced by the user. No lubrication required.
  • Integrated Rotation Counter keeps track of your rotations using magnetic switch technology (non-contact) (Skein-winder only)
  • Our state-of-the-art Electronic Rotation Counter ERC can measure yards, meters, and rotations. It is based on our Electronic Yarn Meter™ technology and a magnetic reed switch. This unit signals the user when they have wound (or unwound) a specific qty of yarn. It will also turn off the optional motor drive.
  • Designed and Manufactured by Nancy's Knit Knacks in the USA

The HDSS is not for everyone. But it is for those:

  • Users who demand well constructed high performance tools
  • Users who cannot afford to have a tool fail on them
  • Users who want to buy the right tool once and never have to buy another
  • Users who want to make an investment in a fine tool
  • Users who want others to know that they have bought the very best tool available because they care about their work or craft

If you are one of those users, then check our Heavy Duty Swift & Skein Winder out and then decide. Compare it to our competitiors. They, too, have some neat tools but not as neat as ours. We are the only company that can motorize your tool, measure your yarn, and then automatically turn your system off. This frees you up to do other more productive things. Plus, we have World Class ball winders, swifts, meters, skein-winders, and other tools. They don't.


"The more that I work with this unit in the development phase of our project, I am amazed at just how good it really is from an engineering standpoint. But then when I have Nancy use it to wind and unwind yarn, I am even more pleased because she loves it also, but from the view of the fiber artist."

Bob Shroyer

Only Nancy's Knit Knacks provides all of the system components to wind, unwind, and measure your yarn. No other supplier in the industry provides a completely integrated solution like we do.

For many years we had been requested by shop owners and fiber artists alike to develop a heavy duty swift (and skein-winder). We had to tell them that while we did not have one yet, it was in our development plans. In August 2010, we finally launched our solution.

Just as our Heavy Duty Ball Winder made a big impression on the knitting industry, so will our Heavy Duty Swift and Skein-winder. This unit is designed for shop use and for discriminating fiber artists. Built to last and to outperform all known swifts and skein-winders on the market. It is an equal partner to our heavy duty ball winder. 



This will be the last swift or skein-winder that you will ever need to buy.  

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(or accessory)

Ball Winder

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Want a stand only version? We now offer versions of the 2 yard swift and Skein-winder mounted on a floor stand with no table top option. This saves you money if you never have any intention of using it on a table top. See our pricing section



Why are they so expensive?

Our swifts and skein-winders are built more like spinning wheels than they are like the simple umbrella swifts that typically cost around $75. Quality spinning wheels range in price from $400 - $900

The reason these high end products cost so much is because of the precision parts and high quality materials that they are made of. Not to mention the labor to fabricate and assemble them.

For example - we use a 5/8" diameter stainless steel, custom designed, shaft mounted in high tech German bearings. Others use a smaller standard bolt from a hardware store mounted in ball bearings. Our system is designed to add a motor pulley at a later time, theirs is not.

Ours is the Cadillac/Mercedes Benz of Swifts/Skein-winders. Just like our Heavy Duty Ball Winder and Electronic Metering Systems are in their product categories.

We too, would have preferred to have made a high quality swift for under $100 but it was not possible. We realized that as the price for this product increased that the sales volume would decrease. But we also knew that if we did not design it correctly, that both we and our demanding customers would not be satisfied.

Our design is as complex as a high end spinning wheel in many ways. Quality features, quality materials, and a properly engineered design backed up by a leading USA company that provides prompt, qualified support by phone and email - that is why the price is higher than some other swifts. This unit is like a fine instrument - you will agree when you see and use the unit.

Plus - we offer simple upgrades that allow you to take the basic Swift and add the following to it:

- Electronic Rotation Counter (ERC) which measures Rotations, Yards, and Meters AND which can turn the motor drive off automatically.

- A high performance motor drive which has 10 speeds, reverse, slow speed (Jog), and built-in belt tensioner. The motor drive can be controlled by either the ERC or Electronic Yarn Meter Plus.

- A double and triple skein yarn guide system which allows you to wind 2 or 3 skeins at one time.

- Add a floor stand

- The ability to convert the unit from a 2 yard skeiner to a 4 yarder - the only one on the planet!

No other manufacturer can come close to offering this flexibility with their design!
When a person purchases a NKK Swift or Skein-winder they are investing in an heirloom quality fiber tool.

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