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All of our products and services can be accessed from the menu above under Products. This contains the most product information. You may also look at the "quick access" list in the center of this page. Finally, the Store listing will also take you to the online Shop. Check our Customer section out for info concerning special discounts for professionals and wholesale. If you ever have any questions, please contact us.
Welcome to
Nancy's Knit Knacks!
We offer innovative tools for the fiber
arts industry. Please visit all of our product webpages to learn more about
our many World Class products!
Ball Winders - Ball Winders are typically running a 1-2 week backlog at this time. We always recommend ordering as soon as you can to avoid an unexpected delay. If you call your order in, we will not charge your card until we ship. This leadtime will now start to get longer as the Fall/Holiday seasons approach.
Fall is coming! It is time to think of knitting projects once again. If you need tools for knitting or spinning, then check our products out. They are the best available for the task at hand.
What is your favorite fiber activity?

Highly productive tools
Regardless of what type of customer you are, our tools will allow you to increase your productivity as you work with yarn. Whether you are a knitter, spinner, indie dyer, yarn processor, educator, designer, shop owner, etc., you will save time, money, and frustration when you use our high productivity tools. Not only is our equipment highly functional and productive, it is also highly integrated. That means you can add optional features and add-ons that extend the usefulness of our equipment.
Our smaller tools for knitters and spinners are equally productive but on a smaller scale. We pride ourselves as being tool makers and our primary interest is to offer solutions for our customers that make their time working with yarn fun, productive, & rewarding.
Commercial Grade Tools

This is our 16th year in business!
We started shipping our popular Ball Winder in 2006.
Approx. 10,000 have been shipped to date.

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