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Price Increase 2017

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Effective January 1st 2017, prices for certain products have changed.
We have found it necessary to increase our prices for Ball Winder, swift, skein-winder and some other products for the following reasons:

  1. The cost for various design improvements which we made during the past few years had not been incorporated and we have absorbed these costs since that time. We have now determined that we needed to pass those costs along to our customers.
  2. Omissions and configuration errors have been captured and are now corrected in these new prices.

Please note that we perform many final assembly and test functions inhouse and do not include any cost for doing such work. We can do this because we own the company. However, if we properly included these costs in our total cost for producing these products, the prices that we would have to charge would be much higher than what you see here. This is a major reason why we can afford to sell these products at these prices. Larger companies with higher overhead factors could conceivably charge 50% or more for these products (if they could make them at all).

The most significant changes affect the Ball Winder family.

Wholesale and Professional Courtesy prices are included in the Wholesale Price Lists dated Jan. 1 2017. You can retrieve copies of these lists when you visit and log into the Wholesale Section starting January 1 (evening). If you have lost your password and username, you can retreive it from within that section. If it does not list you, then simply re-register.

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