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Online Store Info

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You may shop from the Products listing on the main menu which is on all of our pages, or you may visit our Online Storefront directly. All of our store locations on the site actually go to the same place but you may find one method of accessing product info easier or faster. So take your pick!

If you want to shop as a Wholesale or Professional Courtesy Customer, you MUST Pre-register in the Wholesale Section in order to obtain the required Registration Code. Once you have that 3 character code, you can proceed to Registering in the actual Store. Once you register in the Store after entering the Registration Code, then the prices that you will see in the Store will be discounted according to your customer type. Otherwise, if you only see Retail prices, then your registration as either a Wholesale or Professional Courtesy customer did not go through properly.

How to Shop on our website?

Visit the individual Product categories on the Main Menu at the top of each page. You may buy the product when you visit the product page.

Review the Quick Access section on the Home Page to immediately visit those product pages.

Visit our Online Store by clicking here. This is where everything is listed in Categories.

Use the BACK key on your computer or at the top of each page to return to your last location.
  1. It is not necessary for Retail customers (just shop as a guest)
  2. It is required for Wholesale customers* (need 3 character code) click here to request it
  3. It is required for Professional Courtesy customers*

*  you may also get more information about opening an account in our Whse section


Secure Shopping - during the purchase you will be transferred to the main Nancy's Knit Knacks' shopping cart which is a secure shopping cart where Quickbooks (Intuit) handles all of our backroom processing. 

If you have any questions about our shpping cart or security, please contact us at 800-731-5648 or by email
NKK Online Store
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