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More people buying our Motorized Ball Winders

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Published by in NKK News · 25 September 2016
Tags: motorizedelectricballwinder
We have noticed that more and more shops and individuals are buying our motorized ball winder. This unit makes winding balls of yarn a pleasure. People not familiar with our motorized unit think it will break their  yarn like another brand used to do years ago. Our unit, from Day 1 in 2008, has not broken any yarn.This is due to its automatic slip sytsem which automatically stops turning the ball winder whenever any deelay or snag is detected which affects the smooth feeding of yarn to the unit.

If you have any type of infirmity that limits your mobility or if you just don't want to wind yarn manually anymore, then consider getting our motorized winder. It is the workhorse of the yarn industry and winds more yarn than any other brand.

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