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New Streaming Video Available

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Published by in New Products · 20 July 2015
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We have decided to end the distribution of DVDs for our Learn to Spin Kit. We had sold hundreds and hundreds of these great kits over the years. They all contained DVDs. But since most everyone has a smart phone or other device or a computer which is connected to the Internet, steaming videos have become much more popular nowadays. So, we decided to get rid of the DVD and simply use the streaming video method instead.

"I have seen the demise of the following technologies during my lifetime:
  • 45 RPM Records
  • LP Albums
  • 8 Track Tape cartridges
  • Cassette Tapes
  • CD's
  • and soon, DVDs

Yes, even the popular DVD will be going, going, gone in the near future, I suspect." 

Here is a 2 minute teaser from the actual video.

We truly believe that most customers will welcome this changeover to streaming video as it is much more convenient and a lot less problematic as compared to DVD players.

As part of this change we have also reduced the price by $5.00.  The streaming video is also less than the DVD if purchased separately (just $9.99).

When a customer buys the Kit, instead of a DVD they will receive a special YouTube address code that they will enter into their browser which will display the video. They can watch the video as often as they like. This video, however, will not be a public video and visitors to our Youtube channel will not be able to view it.
Online Purchasers of the Video will receive a pdf download from our online store which will contain the special YouTube address.

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